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2015-03-16 by MillerMultimedia

Why Test a Home for Moisture?

We recently completed a survey of 1,938 homes we had probetested and analyzed for moisture intrusion, the majority… Read More

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2015-03-15 by MillerMultimedia

The Great Debate: Interior vs. Exterior Probe Testing

Interior moisture testing or Exterior moisture testing. Which is more effective. There has long been a dispute as… Read More

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2015-03-14 by MillerMultimedia

How to Save a Real-estate Sale

Everyone involved in a real estate transaction wants the deal to go through – preferably with as few… Read More

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2015-03-13 by MillerMultimedia

The M-Word

What is the M-word? Most people reply, mold. Understandable considering mold is a common concern in the housing… Read More

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