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A View About Windows

Windows are, quite often, just accepted without question.  They came with the home.  It’s not until the towel brigade is mopping up water from a closed window sill that homeowners begin taking… Read More

2015 IRC Building Codes: Are We Doomed to Repeat History?

IRC Building Codes, could we be repeating history? By now, everyone should be aware of the moisture problems that exist in homes, and especially in stucco-clad homes.  Our own testing shows that… Read More

Why Test a Home for Moisture?

We recently completed a survey of 1,938 homes we had probetested and analyzed for moisture intrusion, the majority of which had been built after mid-1980. The results are alarming. 63 percent of… Read More

The Great Debate: Interior vs. Exterior Probe Testing

Interior moisture testing or Exterior moisture testing. Which is more effective. There has long been a dispute as to whether moisture testing the external walls of a structure should be performed from… Read More

How to Save a Real-estate Sale

Everyone involved in a real estate transaction wants the deal to go through – preferably with as few speed bumps as possible. There are many factors that affect the facilitation of a… Read More

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