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Expectations of Buying a New Home

We all have expectations or should. We expect the sun to rise and set, the family to be content with what you have and the family’s health to be great, or at the least understood and getting better. We expect that if our kids are sick, they got it from someone at school. Personally, I like to blame my coughing, wheezing and sneezing on the walking petri dishes called grandkids. However, many times the coughing, wheezing and sneezing is to be blamed on an unhealthy home.


Interior vs. Exterior Probe Testing

There has long been a dispute as to whether moisture probe testing the external walls of a structure should be performed from the interior or from the exterior.


Infrared: Truth or Consequences

If you are a baby boomer or aficionado of old TV shows, you might remember the daytime television show “Truth or Consequences.” The show’s host would ask questions, and the contestant would have to correctly answer all of the questions or face having to perform a crazy act in front of a nationwide audience. Basically, if you didn’t know the truth, you would have to face the consequences.


Gutters – It’s That Time of the Year

It’s that time of the year again … the hot humid days are replaced by cool dry breezes with nights free of biting bugs.


A View About Windows

Windows are, quite often, just accepted without question.  They came with the home.  It’s not until the towel brigade is mopping up water from a closed window sill that homeowners begin taking a hard look at their windows in general.