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It’s the 2nd wettest year on record in Minnesota, Do you know how to check for mold and wet walls in your home?

With this year being one of the snowiest and rainiest on record in Minnesota, it goes without saying there’s a chance you might have some dampness in your basement. Heavy rains, water tables, and runoff can all contribute to moisture and if this is something you’re experiencing with your basement, its a perfect set up for mold growth.

Women shocked at mold on the wall of basement

Damp floors and wet drywall can turn your downstairs living area into a breeding ground for fungus colonies that permeate sheetrock and ruin wood framing. Airborne mold spores invade ductwork and can compromise your home’s air quality. You might have questions about the effects of mold and what you can do, Contact Certified Moisture Testing today. We’re always available to help nail down any moisture issues around your home. 651-272-5552