Certified Moisture Testing Services

Moisture and Damage Assessment Services

Moisture Testing is our “wheelhouse”, the strength and foundation of Certified Moisture Testing. Regardless of the kind of siding on your home, we have a way to determine if water is getting into the wall cavities. Stucco, brick, wood, vinyl, metal, you name it, we can accurately test it from either the exterior or the interior.

Mold Testing and Analysis: Need to know what could be making you or your family wheeze and cough? We can conduct a mold inspection and air quality comparison test to determine if and where you have mold in your home. Due to mold requiring a source of moisture, our experience in understanding moisture causes makes us an expert in mold sourcing.

Ice Dam Inspection and Analysis: Are you starting to see the ice build up on the edges of your roof, or have icicles hanging off your eves? Ice dams form at the roof’s edge and water from melting snow builds up behind the dams and starts to leak into the house. Ice dams and the damage that results from them is avoidable. If your home is showing signs of ice dam issues, we can help inspect and analyze the issues and help find the right solution for your home, to prevent any further damage.

Wet Basement: Got that funky musty smell happening in your basement? Our testing tools can help identify if and where water maybe entering the walls of your basement.

Wood Foundation Testing: While they help give your basement a warm and cozy feel, very few wood foundations in the land of 10,000 lakes and swamps are dry. Our tools, testing skills and knowledge of wood foundations will help you keep that warm and cozy feeling.

Concrete Slab Testing: New floor coverings over concrete slabs will often state that the warranties are invalid if the moisture content of the slab is above a certain level. Also, a damp slab from a high-water table can be a cause of the ugly “M” word. We have the tools to show that the slab is indeed dry or problematic.

Attic Inspections: Are your heating bills rising, and you can’t seem to narrow down why? Are you having ice dams and dangerous icicles hanging off your roof? Are you having stains in the ceiling of your home? Our attic inspection will assess what is the cause for your excessive heating bills and any winter related problems.

Blower Door Testing: A blower door is a tool we use to either pressurize or depressurize a home. By doing this we can find air leaks in the home. An air leak is more than an energy cost to you. It can be destructive to the structure or your home. In the northern climates an air leak will cause condensation to occur, leading to mold growth or structural damage. Knowing where your interior conditioned air is going can save lots of energy money and prevent attic and wall damages.

Certified Dry Program: Using our knowledge and experience we can assure you that the contractor working on your home is making the proper repairs to prevent future moisture problems. Our oversight during the “work in progress” will give you Peace of Mind for the long term, gives the contractor doing the work a “quality control department” and will help you sell your home in the future because a 3rd party inspector was involved during the reconstruction. Think about it this way, if a home is having to be repaired, the damage was probably caused by a contractor that at the time “knew what they were doing”. We make sure they know what they are doing!

Disclosure, litigation and Insurance Investigations: We are considered experts in moisture testing and moisture causes. Our experience and investigative strengths on the how, when, where and why there are moisture problems will give you an “expert” presentation that will help you win your case.

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Are Moisture Problems Obvious?
Why Do I Need An Inspection?
Though we can’t see the sun on an overcast day, it’s still there. Moisture is like that, too – just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Signs and symptoms of moisture intrusion are often hidden, occurring and causing damage on the sly. Performing an intrusive moisture test is the only way to identify water intrusion before it becomes serious. It’s even more imperative when purchasing a home, as repair costs can drastically change the value of the property.

Do I Have A Mold Problem In My Home?
The answer is yes. You have mold. We all have mold – it’s absolutely unavoidable. It’s in our homes, everywhere in our environment; you’re likely breathing spores as you’re reading these words. So what we think you are really asking is if you have an active mold problem, which occurs when mold has something to eat and something to drink and is able to flourish. Mold will consume any organic substance (dust, dirt, wood, sheetrock…) meaning spores can quickly go from existing peacefully to waging war with just a little bit of – you guessed it – moisture. So if you think you have a mold problem, you have a moisture problem.