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The snow is here, and winter is right around the corner, are you venting excess moisture in your home?

Did you know that on average, a four-person family can produce over 20 pints of moisture per day just by washing clothes, cleaning dishes, showering and even breathing? Add to this problem closing all the windows and not venting moisture, and you have created a living baggie.

Mother and kids doing laundry moisture in the home

This can be a real problem if all this moisture doesn’t have a place to go by being properly ventilated. If you are seeing condensation on your windows that’s lasting long periods of time the humidity levels are too high and will increase the chances of mold and moisture problems inside the walls and on ceilings and windows.

Venting out excess moisture

One thing you can do in the meantime is to increase your venting of the excess moisture. This can be done by opening windows around your home while showering and cooking. This should allow any excess moisture to ventilate outside.

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