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There’s condensation on my windows. Should I be worried about mold?

We’ve all experienced seeing windows fog up, but should you be worried about that window condensation? Many times in the summer when it’s hot and humid outside you’ll run the air conditioning.

Mold on a foggy Window


By running the AC there is a greater difference between outdoor and indoor temperatures, you’ll likely be able to see visible moisture on your windows. Same can be seen when you run a hot shower or at the start of the winter heating season. These are temporary and should dissipate.

When is Condensation Bad In a Home?

It’s normal to have some moisture in your home (see our FAQ page), but if there’s an excess of moisture consistently, that eventually can cause problems with your home or even your health. Some warning signs of this is when condensation stays on the window throughout an entire day.

It’s also a problem if there’s condensation between the panes of glass in your windows. If condensation is forming on the walls and your home’s air smells musty this is a bad sign that there is probably moisture issues in more then one area of the home. And finally, if your seeing mold, mildew or even rot is visible on or windows then we recommend calling us and having a professional look at your mold and moisture problem.

Windows frequently need seals replaced because of the extreme temperature changes in the midwest.

Mold on a window Seal with condensation

One thing you can do in the meantime is increase your ventilation. This can be done by opening windows while showering and cooking. This should allow any excess moisture to ventilate outside.

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