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Identify hidden moisture problems before they become costly.

The problem property owners face is “unseen” moisture behind walls, windows, ceilings and under floors. Moisture damage is impossible to detect until the problem is excessive and visible to the eye. Whether you are buying, selling, replacing windows or remodeling a home, moisture testing is imperative to determine hidden issues that will only get worse with time.

Structural analysis, healthy homes and energy efficiency are additional services at Certified Moisture Testing. Understanding how your home functions is critical to having a healthy living environment. We invest 40+ years of knowledge and experience into every relationship, helping our residential and commercial clients with:

  • Sourcing water intrustion
  • Mold & air quality testing
  • Basement leaks
  • Energy audits
  • Home ventilation diagnostics
  • Blower door pressure testing
  • Ice dams and attic air leaks

Certified Moisture Testing
Your Healthy Home Specialist

We provide experienced, accurate moisture inspections. From beginning to the end, we’ll make sure you understand moisture testing assessments and the steps to be taken should repairs be required. We identify and help solve moisture and mold issues. Send us an email or give us a call to schedule the inspection!

Buying or Selling a Home | Home Inspection Moisture Testing | CMT

Buying or Selling a Home

Home inspectors are limited to “visual assessments”, our inspections go beyond to check for “hidden” structural damages within the exterior walls for those buyers and sellers looking for a “problem free” living.

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Replacement Windows & Remodels | Stucco Moisture Testing | CMT

Replacement Windows & Remodels

Old windows tend to leak causing windows to rot, grow mold and “unseen” structural failures that only get worse with time. Before remodeling or replacing windows, call 651-272-5552, we’ll make sure you’re starting with “good bones”.

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Healthy & Mold Free Homes | Certified Moisture Testing

Healthy & Mold Free Homes

Mold can trigger asthma, sinusitis and other health concerns. Mold allergy symptoms can be signs you have mold issues inside your home. Our experience with moisture related issues makes us experts in mold sourcing.

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Preserve and protect your property today!

You can’t always see what’s damaging your home. The longer a problem remains hidden, the more frustrating and costlier it becomes. Get to the bottom of it, before it gets to your bottom line.