Home Buyers and Sellers Here’s What You Need to Know.

Looking to buy a home? Here’s what you need to know for mold and moisture

It’s not what you or your home inspector can see that matters most. It’s the moisture environment hidden in the walls that matters. Just about every moisture test we conduct, the home inspection did not visually see the moisture and mold damages we find in the structure of the home.

A home inspector gives their opinion based only on visual observations, knowledge, and experiences using “non-intrusive” testing tools. Non-intrusive testing tools like moisture wall scanners only scan for moisture in the sheetrock and infrared cameras only show temperature differences. Neither accurately identify moisture that is occurring inside the wall cavity. Intrusive testing is the only way to accurately assess moisture intrusion.

If you’re selling a home, here’s what you need to know

We stress to any current or future seller, to have a moisture test completed before you have a potential purchase agreement. We have seen so many hidden moisture situations cause a sale to fail, or become significantly delayed because we identified moisture issues during the inspection period. Prior to placing the home on the market, find out if any surprises exist before a buyer is ready to make a large purchase.

It is also just as important to have the pre-sale inspection conducted by a reputable, accurate and certified licensed moisture testing company, like CMT. Our services and reputation are trusted by all parties in a real estate transaction.

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79% of homes tested
had moisture and

In 2013, a survey of 1,938 homes CMT probe tested found only 21% of were completely dry, regardless of the siding. 79% of the homes had a moisture issue(s) with 61% having structural damage from moisture and mold intrusion.

87% of the 1980 -1999 stucco sided homes tested had moisture issues with 74% exhibiting areas of structural damage. And it is not just the stucco — 52% of wood-sided homes and 47% of brick homes also had rot in the structure.


Do you have Visual Signs of Moisture?

The materials used to build the exterior walls of a home make for a very large sponge. Water getting into the walls usually occurs at a very slow rate; in fact, bulk water entry from rain is usually a very slow drip and may not occur every time it rains. This slow drip begins to wet the structure of the home, which may not dry out before the next rainfall occurs. It will take many slow drips and a long time to fill the materials in the wall cavity to a point where it will be noticed. Left unaddressed, the wood structure will begin to deteriorate, leaving a rotting mess that only gets worse with time.

and timely.

We’re certified by three national organizations and we’ll go out of our way with our testing methods to show that we have accurately assessed any existing moisture or mold issues. No second guessing required.

Having Moisture Problems In Your Home or Business? Contact Certified for your testing needs

If you need an inspection done on your home or business, we offer a handful of services that can help put your mind at ease. When it comes to moisture detection, mold issues or even air quality testing we are your certified pros. We’ll help solve the issue, just click to contact us, send us an email or give us a call at 651-272-5552. We’ll contact you to schedule the inspection!




Thank you!!

CMT was prompt, courteous and professional in my time with them! Would recommend!!

Scott P
We Commend You

This letter is to commend CMT (Certified Moisture Testing), who recently did a complete moisture testing of our home on Hunters Trail. Jeff Powell was the Certified Moisture Technician who came to do the testing of our home. Jeff arrived on the scheduled time, explained his procedures and mentioned that we could watch the testing. We watched as he drilled holes into the stucco at different spots, to took the reading and then patched the small holes with exact matching colored caulk. Another great service was the immediate reply of the results which were sent via email and by hard copy in the mail...

Homeowner (written to the Better Business Bureau)

My home was listed for sale for ten months when I finally got an offer. The potential buyer insisted on a moisture inspection as part of the purchase agreement. Much to my dismay, Certified Moisture Testing found moisture damage on my home. Fortunately, my home was less than ten years old and was still warranted by the builder. During repairs, I hired Certified Moisture Testing to provide Certified Dry™ services. After the repairs were made, I listed the home and was able to sell it in one month! That would not have been possible without the Certified Dry program by CMT.

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